Brian Laundrie returned to FL on the Anniversary of the 9.1.19 death of “Church of Set” leader- Army General Michael Aquino.

For the many who are unfamiliar with the ancient practice of Kabbalistic Gematria, letters are also numbers. Over the centuries, various ciphers were created as a means of subtle communication between those in the know. Depending on what letters and words one uses in a sentence or paragraph, you can force certain numeric outcomes. These in turn have special meanings, and there are thousands of applications.

Update: they are saying now she most likely died on 8.27.21; number 27 of course being the infamous number of the ’27 Club,’ the age at which so many celebrities have left this world. Though she was not yet 27, the date parallel is worth consideration. I am almost certain now that this was planned from the moment Brian came into her life. “Ritual” = 27 in Gematria.


Photo of General Michael Aquino taken from a Reddit article. :Free-market-Usage:

One thing that stands out (esoterically) from all the other clues is the date of the death of a former Army Lieutenant Colonel on 9.1.19, coupled with the fact that she was found, oddly enough, on 9.19.

9.1 was of course the day that Brian came home to FL.

And Gabby was born on 3.19.1999, where we see 19 again. Also, her 3.19 birthday (3 + 19); and the day she was found (9 + 1+9 + 2+1) have numerologies of 22, her age at death. Looking at the 22 yrs, 6 months, we see in that both 26 (reading vertically) and 226 counting across.

‘Illuminati Slave’ = 226 in Reverse Ordinal.

As noted in the previous write-up, 9.1.19 was the date of the death of Michael Aquino, the former Army L.C. noted a moment ago. He was also the High Priest of the Temple of Set, a Satanic/Luciferian cult. He founded this himself after leaving the ‘Church of Satan.”

It was a surprise to see that he had passed without my hearing about it, back in 2019. Per Wiki Spooks: “Dr. Michael A. Aquino was a career officer with the US army specializing in psychological warfare. He served in the Vietnam War and came to the rank of Lieutenant colonel.”

Yes, “psychological warfare,”such as that likely performed on Gabrielle; to her family, and to America itself. Trauma-based psychological conditioning.

The question for authorities and for all of us would now be, what association did this spooky and serial killer-obsessed Brian Laundrie have with the Temple of Set (if any); or perhaps what level of infatuation with the occult? The authorities should look into his ideology, see how much he knew about rituals and encoding them, etc.

Updated tables- new calculations on 9.23.21:

When decoding the sleight of hand of the Elite Magicians, one should always be alert to dates. In Gabby’s case, she was ‘discovered’ on 9.19.21.

From the late Satanist Lt. Colonel’s death on 9.1.2019 to the ‘discovery’ of Gabby’s body was exactly 2 yrs, 18 days, or the number 218 in Gematria (less the zero). 218 is a death code. See more on this down below.

Written out, “Nine One Twenty Nineteen / Nine Nineteen Twenty Twenty One” = 218 in the Jewish or Latin Cipher. Folks, remember that the Military uses ciphers all the time to encode and decode messages for security purposes. Just saying, these are not accidental number/word matches.

As noted above, it’s well know in decoding circles that “Death” = 218 in the English Extended cipher.

This whole terrible incident with Gabby was connected esoterically to Michael Aquino. A ceremony perhaps, in honor of him? Perhaps…but time may or may not tell.

More updates as they come…

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