Mind Kontrol of Society- Counting Down Since 12.12.12?

Or, about how the ‘Puppet Masters’ and their new Queen (AKA Coronavirus) now practically rule the world thru graphene and Nano tech ingredients; about the ‘birth‘ of a new species of man that will most likely begin rolling out as well with the 5G; originally scheduled for 12.12.21, and continuing to spread rapidly thereafter.

Update 1.31.22: I think they were right on schedule esoterically speaking. As of 1.23.22, 5G kicked on across much of the world. Now the real fun begins….


“A dancing Puppet Doll, made of wood. I bet he’d run away one day, If he could choose to leave or stay…”

-Aurora Aksnes, “Puppet” (First streamed on 12.12.2012)

One day” may definitely be here now.

No doubt now that in 2016, the fast rising star from Norway was writing of things soon to come; or perhaps, of what had just been conceived and was now growing inside the cosmic ‘womb’ of our Matrix. This unassuming Nordic artist and child prodigy began her life’s journey on Jun 15, 1996, in the town of Stavanger, Norway. Now aged 25, she is quite prodigious still. Although rather shy and modest, she is very proud to call herself a true Viking. She is also secretly a genius at encoding hidden meanings into her lyrics.

Aurora let us know some very crucial things in this, her very first publicly released song (which, according to her, was streamed by an undisclosed party and without her approval. She was 16 at the time). We would do well to understand the veiled and slyly apocalyptic message contained therein; namely, that the world we had all experienced for so long was checking out. Both her song’s lyrics; and most importantly its release date, seemed to be saying to the world, “get ready-things are about to change.”

Only, I’m not sure she even knows what lies beneath her own lyrics. She has often said that meanings unfold to her much later, meaning that her free-flow of information seems to be almost other-worldly. I don’t doubt it a bit, having followed her music for at least 6 years now.

Please note for future reference that ‘Puppet Doll’ = 56 in Chaldean. In fact, try to remember each number you see. They will repeat as we go. 56 is a frequently used number by the Freemasons and the Society of Jesus.

As of 12.12.12, the world’s populace found itself exactly 9 years away from being virtually (i.e. technologically) cast under the complete mesmerizing spell and mass control of the Puppet Masters (mass-steerers) via their highly advanced Artificial Intelligence systems. Judging by what we see going on all over the world presently (9.12.21 as this is being completed), they look to be right on schedule.


Their ‘Prophets’ in Hollywood, the news Media, and the Scientific Communities have all been forecasting this for decades. Simon & Garfunkel called it in “Sounds of Silence,” which also pertains to our day more so than the past. “Darkness” is here.


Over the last 8 years, 9 months, we have been undergoing a gradual but total societal transformation; per the query of Capt. Kirk in *Star Trek, the Motion Picture: “Spock. Did we just see the beginning of a new life form?” “Yes, Captain, we have witnessed a birth,” the ever-logical, emotionless Vulcan replied. The crew had just witnessed the complete absorption of the ship’s number 2, Commander Decker, by the alien vessel ‘V-Ger.’ The kicker? Decker did this willingly and eagerly, like to old WWII pic of the sailor kissing his girl on the ship dock:


The gradual merger of living beings with the Machine (AI) began to be implemented in earnest on 12.12.12; in this writerr’s opinion, perfectly synchronized per the traditional methods of the Elite. That would be through the Ancient Mystery School Kabbalistic/Numerological encoding, in to keep everything hidden in plain sight. This secret agenda was also maintained and carried out with the aid of decades-long brainwashing; via their other most-favored method of distraction and mental persuasion: psyentism (more to the point than ‘scientism,’ to me) coupled with Hollywood’s never ending entertainment.

Much of the 1st & 2nd trimester work in this diabolical impregnation was and continues being implemented remotely, through high tech remote neural monitoring and influencing. Plus, the AI is constantly learning from us, and adapting. The movies are coming true in so many ways.


Part of the logic behind their occulted schedule is shown here:

12.12.12- 12.12.21 is of course 9 years, with 9 being the usual gestation term (in months obviously), for humans. 21 is the mirror of 12 and; oh yes, 21 minus 12 = 9. They enjoy proving their calculations in various ways. 9 is the last in the sequence of single digits; thus signifying completion.

The first date, 12.12.12, has Primary Numerology of 56, like “Puppet Doll.” The latter date; now precisely 3 months away as of the writing of this blog post, has Primary Numerology of 65, the mirror of 56.

‘Total Solar Eclipse’ = 1212 in the English Sumerian cipher. 12.12 is also read as 1212, potentially confirming that a sea change has manifested itself into our reality; similar to when the Sun is blocked out and Darkness rules.

There is another Total Solar Eclipse coming soon – on 12.4.21 – that is noteworthy here as 12.4.21- 12.12.21 is 8 days. 8 is the number representing Eternity. Seems they are also implying their new-found control will last forever.

The once eagerly anticipated end of the world (supposedly predicted by the Mayans) did not come on Dec 12, 2012; nor on Dec 21, 2012. How could the ancient, all-knowing wise ones and Hollywood get it wrong? Maybe they didn’t. Maybe the ‘end’ has a deeper, more subtle meaning. They have been, and are currently wreaking havoc all over the earth right now with the weather and this virus specifically; but also through terribly incompetent or intentionally evil leadership decisions in every other sphere of government.

Yet this is exactly what they want to bring- global chaos. Once the earth and all our hopes lay in utter ruins, they will swoop back in and fix it all, as their ancestors have done many times throughout history. But right now, it’s getting a little stuffy in here, so they need to cull the herd just a tad. “We need elbow room!” as one former, infamous dictator once said.


If asked, they would say they’re sure we understand their predicament, and the pressing need to take drastic measures to ensure the earth and its inhabitants have a bright and prosperous future, with “Global Security” for all.

And as for the poor Mayans and their calendar; they have absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Their heritage and glyphs were simply another tool in the hands of our…planners.

Enter the “Big G” and the Society of Sol (aka Society of Jesus)

The primary group behind all this chicanery has historically been represented by a ‘G’ firmly ensconced between a Square & Compass. But they are also in league with the militant wing of the Vatican, the Jesuit Order. We can throw the Crown in there for good measure, but she and the Pope are on equal footing, both answering to a power who is over all the world’s top leadership.

In short, we are being assimilated. Hollywood keeps telling us the truth through fiction, but we don’t seem to listen very well. Anyone in the targeted Individual community can easily see this in the robotic behavior of our ‘perps.’ Their zombie-like, repetitive and ritualistic actions; as well as their incredibly cold, heartless attitude towards their victims screams A.I. control to this writer.

Back to Star Trek a moment. Kirk had revealed the “truth’ to the old former Voyager probe a few moments previously: “V-Ger. V-Ger! WE are the Creator!” There you have it. The God complex on display for all to see. Now the machine understood the inestimable value of these “carbon units.” Without humans, it would not exist.

But our Anthony Fauci does not see our value; apparently, and seeks to harm as many as possible with graphene (and other substances) in the vac-scene injections.

JAB- ‘just another body….’

He pretty much knew what ‘the Queen’s jab’ would do to millions of people, but recklessly jab away he has, regardless of the outcome. This is a grand experiment, after all. The Purge and Merge must go on. “V-Ger” would be proud. And no doubt Mr. Gates is very, very proud as well; himself being incredibly helpful in pulling this off. He has been a living Gate-way to much perniciousness.

12.12.12 is also like 12+12+12; which is 36. As it so happens, 666 is the 36th Triangular Number. ‘Triangular,’ as in Eye at the top of the Pyramid. The capstone.

Penny for your thoughts? They tell us who they are, if we will just pay attention. They have not changed their ways very much over the last few centuries. A look at the symbology on this 1915 coin speak volumes.


Depicted above is a fraternal society coin; an ancient penny token from the Deseronto Lodge of the Royal Black Preceptory Protestant Fraternal Society in Deseronto Ontario, CA (that’s a mouthful).

It’s all here in one telltale picture: Skull & Bones (aka Jolly Roger), the Lodge number 928, also the Pyramids or Triangles; two of them, representing Duality. The dualistic triangles are also denoting ‘As Within, So Without’ (similar to ‘As Above, So Below’). Also very importantly, there are 12 circles or cycles represented in between the triangles; the number 12 appears yet again. Note the date the Lodge was instituted: Aug 3, 1915. Like 8.3 or 83; oddly enough, a number representing ‘murder’ in Gematria. Note sure if that was their intention; or some other mystic invocation, but the killing code is there regardless.

‘Murder’ decoded in the Gematria calculator below shows us the Numbers:

As noted above, we see that in the Rev. English Ordinal cipher, ‘murder’ = 83. Then its mirror of 38 appears twice, followed by a dual 56. Also, ‘murder’ = 93 in ALW Kabbalah, another very crucial number we shall explore in detail further down in this post.

The point here is, the same secret societies that produced the coin above, are the same groups controlling the world right now. ‘Pirates’ ruled the ‘seas’ for centuries; both literally and figuratively, and that principle has remained the same till this very day. Only, their outward appearance stays camouflaged. We are their ocean- the sea of people.

If all continues as planned, Operation Paperclip, DARPA, MK Ultra, the Vatican (and others, including the Crown) will soon be the proud God-parents of a bouncing baby abomination. They are eagerly awaiting 12.12.21 to arrive, as everything and everyone should be under 100% Martial Law lockdown by then, would be my guess. Worse still, the full effects of the Zombie Jab will have taken over the majority of the populace as well, and it won’t be pretty. This is seriously dark stuff, folks. Hope you are all stocked up with extra provisions.

And this writer really hopes he is wrong about much of this dire prediction...

The chorus to ‘Puppet’ should solidify the point being made here. The full video with lyrics is below for any who want to get the full effect. The words are rather chilling.

Oh, taking control over another man’s mind…Oh taking control over his mind…”

Our ‘cell’ phones and computers have aided these jolly pirates immensely in taking over our thoughts and behavior patterns through re-programming our minds; as has our thirst for social media. They were the primary brushes we used to paint ourselves into this corner.

The whole topic reminds one of CERN, which we will discuss more in another blog post. Meanwhile, there was no escaping ‘Her’ influence and grasp now, as ‘Puppet’s’ lyrics inform us:

“No need to try, tried it once before, And their bones hiding beneath the floor.”


As noted before, it’s not that Aurora has ever publicly stated this was her intention- to warn or enlighten anyone of anything with this tune, not at all. She said in several interviews that it was about her Mom and Dad, and how they would fight sometimes. Okay then. Not fully buying that, sorry. Too much ‘Queen’ and power imagery that connects elsewhere, to things happening in the world right now.

It is also possible that the Nordic Queen herself might not even realize what the song really means on a deeper level, as she wrote it from emotion, at a young age, so she has said. I’m trying to give her every benefit of the doubt here. I know what MK Ultra, (possibly even) SRA abuse can do to a young person. The possibility exists that A.I. itself might even have been deployed against her psyche beginning at a very young age; and remains active to this day. The lass has MK Ultra fingerprints all over her life and work; not just in my opinion, but it is plain to see in her videos.

And by the way, I wonder who could or would have streamed “Puppet” without her consent? Odd thing to do, no? Could it have been someone working for the ‘G,”one wonders? Could it be that they insisted the song premier on 12.12, and Aurora was not in full agreement? The answer is not forthcoming, so we will have to continue to wonder.

(If you ever read this and disagree with me, Dear Norwegian Sangfugl, by all means please call me and dispel these silly notions from my head. It would be a pleasure to speak with you).

Her latest one must have been taped right in a Masonic Grand Lodge somewhere, as evidenced by all the black and white floors, and star patterns as well. The title of this song? “Cure for Me.” She and her dancers wear full-face, ornate masques (herself only for a small part of the video), and delivers some pithy lines throughout. My favorite one, so applicable to our topic here, goes:

“The glorious teachers are no use for creatures who knows how to play with the gods…” Again, we hear the echo of Kirk’s words (‘Kirk’ means ‘church’ in Scotland), “We are the Creator!”

This line is sung as the dancers pass an apple around, each taking a quick bite. Back to the Garden, and repeating the same mistakes all over again. Folks, it is all around us. In every media type, and we have welcomed it all with open arms.


We’ll stop here and call this Part 1 of…more to come.

Thank you for coming by!


Credit: The writer is borrowing the term “Total Mind Kontrol” (control with a ‘K’) from former SRA survivor and author of “Our Life Beyond M.K. Ultra,” Elisa E. Also, if memory serves, it was Fritz Springmeyer who first coined the term “Total Mind Controlled Slave,” but that may be incorrect. Whatever you call it, there is no doubt the devices behind it are extremely evil.

The views expressed are wholly those of this blogger, although others in the Truth Community might agree with some of them.

(Images obtained from the ‘Freeimages.com’ website, are Public Domain, and used under :Fair-market-Usage: laws).

*(Star Trek and related characters copyright Paramount Pictures).

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