Somerset Belenoff, Part 1 (Link to my YT Video. It can be viewed above as well now on Word Press).

It’s been explored heavily for several years now, but still remains unsolved. Just who is Lady Somerset Belenoff? I’ve left out a lot of information you may have already read or heard, and will take a more esoteric approach here. This is a Numerological and Astrological decode, using some of the Illuminati’s own methods, especially Gematria. It is only a small sample of what this writer has found over the last couple of years.


Among many others, Max Igan weighed in on this story, declaring it was yet another hoax perpetrated by the Powers. He felt it was designed only to take our eyes off the ball; distracting from the weightier things happening in the world. I don’t disagree. But as with most things; hoax or not, there is always more to be found…specifically, who exactly “they” are. There are multiple layers of meanings beneath stories like this, especially encrypted meanings.

Here is the link to the video on YT. It’s been updated quite a bit, and a couple minor errors corrected:

And here it is in printed form if you prefer that:

  • Note: Updated on 2.26.22 to change the date of the Grant interview quote from 1974 to 1995. The date was apparently changed by the ‘Shadow Watchers’ on their homepage some unknown time ago (perhaps almost a year ago), after I posted this report the first time in April 2021. However, if anyone has a link to this article, and it is legit and verifiable, please let me know in the comments. It could be possible it exists and that portion was since edited out of their online article.
  • Meantime, here is the link to the source citing the article (which this decoder could not find, possibly because it may not exist). They proclaim themselves to be a small group of “truthers;” people from all walks of life, who have made it their mission to expose the evil doings of Lady Belenoff. They call themselves the “Shadow Watchers.”

And here is the link to Glamis Castle, her alleged HQ:

They dish out a lot of dirt (and attribute some cool sounding powers too, for those of you into superheroes) to the Mysterious Lady Belenoff. Let’s just say she does not fear God, Men or Women, or the Devil. And once, she allegedly sent Lucifer himself packing. When she was still a young teenager at that. (This writer has serious doubts about the legitimacy of this “Watchers” group and their research. More on that later). But there is a lot going on here that does need to be exposed.

Her dramatic (alleged) encounter with some of Aleister Crowley’s disciples alone is worth the read. As to the existence of the article; and hers as well, please bear with me. They have purpose to all this so-called ‘revelation,’ you can rest assured.

One rumor is very true- real or imaginary, the May Queen is indeed the subject of one of the most famous rock songs of all time, referring to the “May Queen.”

Note that her birthday was on May 1st. This is the key to the entire thing, actually, but there’s no need for spoilers before we delve into to the story much more. Suffice for now to say that another very important ‘birth’ took place over 191 years ago, also on May 1st. To clarify, this was exactly 123 years before the birth of Somerset Belenoff. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 folks.

Not to be random here, but Hollywood is definitely in on this, just as much or more so than the music industry. They always have been. Here are some connections I stumbled upon while researching this last year, and early this year.

(By the way, a shout-out here to my favorite Norwegian Sangfugl and Esoteric Lyric Master of Masters, Aurora Aksnes. Of course, Magnus, Silja Sol, and the band help the ‘Goddess of the Dawn” quite a bit I know, so all due respect to them as well. Do the ‘Enlightened Ones’ fully grasp who they have in you? 😉

Screenshot from “Winter Bird” by Aurora Aksnes. Used under :Fair market-Usage: rules.

“Winter Bird” can be seen (and heard) here if you desire. It is an amazing song and video, if I may say so:

The numbers 21 and 201are very much revered by the Elites. Here is one possible source for this, but there are no doubt other connections this writer and decoder is not aware of. This excerpt “Book of Noah,” which is found in the Book of Enoch itself as a sub-text, gives its own list of some of the 200 Fallen Angels:

This writer does not personally agree that Azazel is haSatan, as later verses indicate that it was actually an Angel named Gadreel, or Gadriel. I believe this is the inspiration for the Illuminati’s real Lucifer, especially as his name begins with a ‘G,” like the Masonic G in their Compass and Square.

Remember that alleged watchdog group mentioned at the top is revealing the method for us, giving us all something new to chew on. But they appear to be disinfo agents of some sort, I am pretty certain. This writer personally subscribed to Melody Maker online a couple years ago, and could find no mention of Lilibet Belenoff in the 1995 interview with Peter Grant. If someone else has found it and it’s legit, and can be verified, please let me know.

Now for the kicker- Adam Weishaupdt founded the Illuminati on 5.1.1830, exactly 123 years before the alleged birth of Lady Belenoff. If nothing else, this creation was a metaphorical birthday celebration for them. Or, she is real and her conception and birth was 100% planned from the start. More on this Queen and her double star:

Not only is “she” the Illuminati Queen, she is the ‘Divine Feminine’ symbol of the organization. Whether a real, flesh and blood person or only an imaginary figurehead, she absolutely is associated with the most powerful Organization on the Earth. Namely, the Beast System, run by the ‘Illumined Ones.”

‘She’ is comprised of an enormous and powerful corporate and religious structure run by many thousands; no, millions, of people all over the world.

Now, if there really is a Lady of that name, who is at the helm of the Illuminati, apologies for declaring you to (possibly be) non-existent. I’m pretty sure you prefer it that way though, or you would be giving interviews on “60 Minutes” and other shows, correct?

You are welcome to correct me any time you desire, Lady Somerset.

Much more could be added to this, but we will stop for now, as this post is very long now.

The views and opinions expressed are solely those of this decoder. All decodes are original, with the exception of those 201 ad 21 finds that are either from Zachary K. Hubbard, or are commonly know to all decoders. Thanks for stopping by!

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