Somerset Belenoff: Part 1 (But on WP Itself). A Gematria Decode.

This is a re-upload and greatly improved version of the original. Hope you enjoy this look at the enigmatic Lady Somerset Belenoff through the eyes of Numerology, Gematria, and Astronomical alignments.

Please use earbuds or headphones for a much better listening experience. If the letters are blurry at first, just click back to the start in the progress bar and it should clear right up. Word Press needs to fix this problem asap.

Images obtained from Free-images(dot)com, and used under :Fair-market-Usage: rules.

Music: Track 1, “Labyrinth,” track 2, “The Cold Settles;” and track 3, “Temporal Desolation,” all courtesy of Darren Curtis; used with permission as a Patron of his, and under CC license rules.

Darren’s YouTube Channel:

Darren’s Soundcloud:

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