Time’s Up, it’s 12.12.21 (More on Mind Kontrol)

12/12/2021 is the 9th Anniversary of a mostly unnoticed yet highly prophetic song….and 9 months is a typical gestation period for humans. Number 9 is the key here…as in nine periods of time.

In my early blog post on 9.12.21, I made an educated prediction of sorts; about how total mind control activation could (quite possibly) be fully engaged on 12.12.21 (which is tomorrow as I write this in the eastern US).

This (cautious) prediction; for lack of a better word- was based on much observation of things in the news, both open and esoteric in nature. It was also based on a song by Aurora Aksnes called “Puppet,” which is the topic of the Sep 12th blog post. Her lyrics were so haunting; and so filled with symbology, that I had to do a deep dive into it a couple years ago. I had to know what she was really saying. I realize how silly that might sound- (a song?); but this is how they roll, folks. They tell us through many different mediums. We simply do not know how to listen, or what to even be listening for.

When it’s too late, people start waking up. But only when it’s too late. It’s just human nature. Deny, ignore, don’t bother…go party.

The words of Aurora’s song are cryptic, and the timing of its release on 12.12.12 very Illuminati-esque. It’s mainly that catchy chorus with the troubling refrain:

“Taking control over another man’s mind…Oh! Taking control over another man’s mind…Taking control over his mind…” -Aurora, “Puppet,” first recorded song; self-released.

Very dark and meaningful lyrics written by someone not yet in her teens, no? But what I need to add to this is, that she is not working alone on this and other songs of hers. She is either being heavily influenced, or is writing them herself and is fully aware of what they mean. It is the company she keeps either way; in other words, and what and who she was raised around. The pop world of music has always been largely Luciferian in nature, as is Hollywood.

Only those who know how the esoterically-governed Elites roll would get it. Most don’t, which is why these people continue to get away with it, and have for centuries. Like “The Shadow,” they have the “…unique ability to cloud men’s minds.” – John Lone, in “The Shadow” Copyright Universal Pictures, 1994.

“Total Solar Eclipse” = 1212 in the English Sumerian cipher of Gematria.

Source: Free-Images.com. :Fair-market-Usage:

Myself and others (those not amongst the ‘Numerology investigation’ decoding community) have been predicting that there will be a genuine zombie apocalypse coming (in some form or other), and theories have abounded as to the means with which it will begin.

I think when 5G rolls out worldwide in earnest, reports will start coming in from different corners of the world, about the behaviors of some people becoming more and more aggressive. They will be “infected” and called “highly dangerous.”

We will begin living out “The Walking Dead” – for real. – AMC Productions Copyright

At the same time, many others may function exactly the opposite, and become totally passive or even robotic in nature. But all those affected will be linked to the A.I., which will decide who lives, dies, or does whatever in between. This is a dream come true for the Powers and Principalities, is it not? Total control of everyone.

Like the word ‘govern-mental,’ for the populace it will soon be ‘imprison-ment-al,’ all across the globe.

Those unaffected right now may say this is all crazy talk. What’s almost funny is, those taken over in the months ahead will continue to say the same thing in hindsight, not knowing A.I. is controlling their thinking. Isn’t that ironic? Some of us just can’t win in this scenario. I’ll still be called crazy. Hopefully, they may be right, and I am wrong. That would be far preferable.

But I will definitely be watching the news more closely for strange events taking place hither and yon; and praying for a miracle or two…billion, that is.

Meanwhile, the de facto Norwegian High Priestess of the Illuminati; with a Siren’s voice, continues to eerily predict things to come- perhaps without even being aware of it herself. But I am 90% certain that she does. She’s brilliant, and highly effective at what she does. I’ve found some amazing things in many of her song lyrics.

Source: Free-Images.com. :Fair-market-Usage:

Hits the man with her umbrella, she’ll continue till he dies…”


Folks, the umbrella in ‘Puppet’ symbolically represents two very important things: the over-arching control of the Vatican worldwide in general (this is one of their favorite secret symbols- you will see it featured conspicuously in many shows, even when it isn’t raining). We now effectively live under the thumb of “Umbrella Corp”- the fictitious movie company ruling the world (just like the Vatican); as predicted in the “Resident Evil” series of zombie flicks. Truth is often presented as fiction in the movies, TV shows, and the novels you read. “Resident Evil,” -Copyright, Sony Pictures

The CDC originally predicted (in 2014) that some zombie attacks would occur this year, in 2021. They must be behind schedule as I said before, maybe due to so many resisting getting the jab. I looked just now, and that article has been deleted from the CDC website. But they have another one that fits nicely with this post, which oddly enough connects the word zombie to people suffering with the symptoms of a pandemic. How about that. Here is the link:


In Aurora’s song, “she” (the bossy, possessive and abusive woman) is Mother Church; Apostate Rome herself. (Note: Aurora has not said that. This is my opinion only, but I will stand by it). The false Queen of Heaven…or Rome’s Corona; and the vac-SIN-nations, are her weapons of choice. Basically put, the Church’s militant Jesuit Order is the one beating society to death with its umbrella (total coverage), and will continue to do so with all the Corona related events to come. This includes weather warfare, transhumanism, more vaccine side- effects due to the nano tech in them, 5G, and many other devices they have on hand, ready to roll out.

The Inquisition never really ended.

Hang on, because I think the bumpy ride for humanity (“him” in her song) has only just begun.

Oh, so this makes more sense to you readers; Rome and the other Builders (Freemasons and other power brokers) are running the show through all of our governments right now.

And Aurora Aksnes? She sings about her (eventual) fate in the chorus of her song “Lucky.” She is apparently ready to go to “the Light” whenever he is ready. This song is so beautiful, and so hauntingly sad; because “he” is Lucifer, not the true Creator. Please pray for her, if you are a person of faith, and feel led to. And please pray for us all. Thanks.

“Lucky” by Aurora:


My best to all, seek Him while He (Messiah) may still be found, is the best advice I can give to anyone. Good night world. Peace and out.

Opinions in this post are solely those of this writer and blogger, and do not reflect the statements of any of the persons represented here, unless otherwise noted in quotations. If anyone has facts to the contrary, such as Aurora herself, I am open to possible corrections. Thank you. – Mark – 12.11.21, 4:30pm EST

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