CYA for the VAX-Scenes: “Micro-plastics Found in Human Blood for the First Time” – the Smokescreen is Up!

News reports are exploding with a so-called “newly discovered phenomenon,” just in time to throw up a scientific net of protection around Big Pharma, and anyone else behind the contaminants found in their products, as some have claimed. For all of you folks who have tried so hard to expose the graphene, metallics and other nano-particulates found in blood due to the Vax-Scenes, this is terrible, and extremely “fake” news.

Imagine that. Just when things heat up and the evidence of unwanted and harmful particulates being found in their products is insurmountable, the corporate and government frogs found a way to hop out of the pot. I am so sorry for every person who has become ill, or even died, after taking the “preventative” jab.

But best to all out there- we must keep fighting for the truth.


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