Unity4J & Suzie Dawson of “Panquake”- A Quick Decode thru Her Channel’s Gematria “Numbers”

One day last week, I visited Ramola D’s Everydayconcerned.net website, looking for any information she might have on Suzie Dawson. I had re-stumbled upon Suzie’s You Tube Channel recently, but this time I was armed with esoteric knowledge that I did not have a few years ago. Sometimes, it can take only minutes to determine who is really behind a “Truther” movement or any other kind of group or organization; or a social media channel or page.

One simply runs its Numbers, examining the Gematria of their channel name, their motto, the date it was created, and other clues. Not always of course, some are tougher to prove than others. But in most instances of NWO operatives at work, there’s real Magick involved (a la Crowley, for one powerful example). You could say it is a form of subtle spell-casting, for purposes of deception and mind kontrol.

It’s all about decoding what the encoders put in them to start with; not some random hocus-pocus nonsense or chance. I did the same thing with Dr. Katherine Horton v. Ramola some months ago. And the same numbers you will see here are prolific in Dr. Horton’s life and works as well.


Ramola eventually found herself at odds with Suzie, much like she did with Katherine Horton (only for a much shorter time in Suzie’s case). Ramola was not wrong. A link to the exchange can be found at the end of this post, where you will see that the two ladies had some heated exchanges on Twitter, from 12.19.2018 to 12.20.2018.


Decoding any possible Masonic or Jesuit “fingerprints” in Suzie’s work…

On Suzie’s YT channel, I went first to the “About” section (which almost always yields the quickest answer, as they are very superstitious about how their words, phrases and sentences are structured- or built). One of her slogans reads “We don’t hope, we build.” As seen below, this equates to 201 in the most used cipher, English Ordinal.

21 & 201 are two of the most meaningful numbers/identifiers of the RCC’s Jesuit Order:

This statement also contains 17 letters (the Number of the Sacred Feminine- esp. of Mary and Mary Magdalene), and 5 words. The Number 5 is “alive” to the Jesuits and Freemasons. It represents the Hidden Hand, the pentagram, the five-pointed star, their favorite month (May) and all the myriad ties that connect to those basic symbols. This motto is a carefully worded, Jesuit-penned statement (in my humble opinion of course, since they never think to send me the memos).

In many other of my videos, I often refer to the “Builders;” the ones who rejected Yeshuah as Savior. He said “the Stone which the Builders refused, the same has become the head of the corner,” which is found in Chapter 21 of Matt.

Oddly, it’s found in vs. 42, which is 21×2, for a double emphasis there.

These Builders are the “Architects,” the Rulers and Principalities; the NWO designers and implementers.

So in Suzie’s slogan “We don’t hope, we build,” we see that ‘Builders’ are given a nod.

Speaking of the Jesuits earlier, it’s noteworthy that Suzie’s group is called “Unity4J.” Does this J stand for Julian Assange, or for the Jesuit Order? Maybe both? Read between the lines, everyone. The letter ‘J” is about as ubiquitously encoded by them as the numbers 21 & 201.

Plus, the number 4 stands for foundation. Nothing is done by random chance in their work.


The Jesuits operate in 112 countries, and only ever in 112 countries. Fascinating that Suzie’s YT channel’s name equals 112 in the Francis Bacon cipher. Not just any Gematria cipher. No, the one named after the man who would be (and likely was) Shakespeare. Also the man who is said to have served as Editor-in-Chief of the most popular English Bible translation in history. Yes, the 1611 “Authorized” version. My late father would have had a stroke if he’d learned this, as he was a believer that the KJV is God-breathed, literally. So many did, and still do.

“Pancake” consists of 8 letters and 1 word, which is 81 in Gematria. Like the ‘4’ represents foundation, the word ‘beginning’ equates to 81 in EO. “Ritual” also = 81 in EO, and 81 in RO.

Suzie started her Panquake YT channel on Jan 8, which is also 08.01 internationally, or 81. And that is yet another confirmation of the number 81 being represented.

Next we have their sub-title, “Talk Liberation.” Wouldn’t you know we have the icing on the cake with this one, for here we see both numbers!

In the opinion of this decoder, the Numbers speak for themselves, and belie the hand of the Vatican in relation to Suzie D’s organization.

Oh, and maybe check out the link to Ramola’s website and Twitter feed with Suzie here:


And Suzie’s YT channel is linked here, if you want to verify my numbers. Or come to your own different conclusions. Or maybe even make some Panquakes

Footnote: Of course, one must also take care not to falsely accuse someone, and verify from at least three or more decodes. There is no rule book per se that delineates these principals; it is just my own experience over the years learning their encoding techniques, and that of other decoders as well.

Thanks for coming by. Peace and be well, everyone!