Somerset Belenoff/Queen Elizabeth: Black Queen/White Queen?

She’s back! Somerset Belenoff, the mysterious “Illuminati Queen,” has finally emerged from the shadows of Glamis Castle and posted a farewell message about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. It is the first blog post she has made since 4.9.2021. It took only a minute to check some dates and discover, as expected, hidden numeric encoding we decrypts see all the time.

What’s more, I’m glad she did because she opened up a whole new vista to explore for this decoder. You can almost consider this post Part 2 of my original Somerset series, because we are now back to discussing Queens (one who was real, and another who seems unreal but just might be a flesh and blood woman). Also, I take a look at the next solar eclipse on 10.25.22, and how the recent death of Queen Elizabeth lines up with that.I hope to continue this series, as there was much more I could have added to my own take on the Belenoff mystery. I hope you enjoy!

As always, please use earbuds for a better experience with the music.

Other than two Stellarium captures, all images were obtained from site Free-Images(dot)com. Used under :Fair-market-Usage: rules.


Music tracks “Undertow,” and “Precipice” courtesy Scott Buckley.

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