The Moscow, ID Murder Numbers 112, 1122, 119 & 666 Explored

I had to update this one after seeing that Bryan Kohberger and his Dad were pulled over twice in Indiana, but on the same day that Russia sternly warned the US of “unpredictable consequences” if we sent missiles to help arm Ukraine. That was on 12.15.22. Now that I have the proper connections or ‘dots’ to the other Moscow (possibly), this one has been reworked and enhanced enough to re-upload.

If you are familiar with Gematria and Numerological backtracking/decryption; as well as timing/date connections as frequently used by the Elite Powers to shape societal outcomes, then this definitely might be of interest to you. We are truly living in a time of deception. Dark Magick (i.e. lies and misdirections) are all around us, seen into the very words and Numbers we live by every day. Nothing is what it seems to be. Including terrible situations such as this in Moscow, ID.

Here is a link to the video on my You Tube channel:

Be sure to check out Derek Tikkuri’s blog post on this very topic here- This is an excellent decode from Dec 1st, linking to England and Russia as well. The Numbers are telling us something, if we will only pay attention and follow them to their source, the powers that should not be. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this gives you something new to think about.

Modified images, taken from the web as screenshots, were used of some currently circulating pictures. This includes police photos and pics from the students’ Instagram page. Used under :Fair-market-usage: rules. Also, several pictures were obtained from Free-Images(dot)com, and used under :Fair-market-Usage: rules.

Music: “Borealis” and “Aurora” courtesy Scott Buckley. Used with permission as a Patron of his, and with attribution and links as seen here:

Scott’s Main Page:

Scott’s You Tube Channel:

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