Gabby Petito- signs of Monarch programming; coercion by Brian? 3 Gematria & Symbolism decodes, updated 4.3.22

Update: 4.3.22: My newest and probably last Gabby & Brian Gematria and Symbolism decode for a while.

For the many who are unfamiliar with the ancient practice of Kabbalistic Gematria, letters are also numbers. Over the centuries, various ciphers were created as a means of subtle communication between those in the know. Depending on what letters and words one uses in a sentence or paragraph, you can force certain numeric outcomes. These in turn have special meanings, and there are thousands of applications.

After Gabby’s death was confirmed, this post was updated on 10.16.21 to clarify some points. I’m leaving my earlier ‘educated guesses’ in, (seemingly) incorrect though they were. Normally I prefer not to attempt predicting anything using the Numbers, but felt fairly certain she was still alive at the time, so was trying to find clues as to her whereabouts.

Now hopefully, we can shed some light on the meanings; the hidden numeric riddles, that seem to be written all over this case. (*Update: Since her body’s discovery, that has changed to my sincerest condolences to her family and friends).


As we look into the information surrounding this nightmare scenario, asking many questions, it is quite evident that three key numbers here are 12, 21,& 22. Remember these as we dive into this mystery.

When and why?

The number patterns strongly hint (to this decoder) at a pre-planned offering, related to the pending Autumn Equinox on 9.22.21, and/or the Total Solar Eclipse coming on 12.4.21. Also, there are some subtle and not so subtle Biblical themes running throughout this story.

The fact that the family waited until 9.11 to report her missing has boggled my mind from the start. Why wait that long? Brian had been home for 10 days. This is suspicious to me on its face, folks. Has anyone asked the family why there was no concern for Gabby’s long silence for so long? If so, I have not seen the interview or read about their answer. (Update on 10.23.21– That is still a strange thing to me. Why wait until 9.11 to call police, when Gabby had normally touched base very other day, according to her Mother. She even said that the last text from Gabby’s phone “was not from her,” best she could tell).


*Update on 10.3.21- Seems the significance of the Equinox date of 9.22.21 turned out to be the day that the US District Court in WY issued an outstanding arrest warrant for Brian. Not what I was expecting, but it was an important event.

It appears to me now that she was murdered either on 8.27, or 8.30. The former has 27 in it, relating to death (like the celebrity 27 Club), and the latter date is like 83, a ‘murder’ code in Gematria. The fact that they issued the warrant 11 days later, indicates a nod to the first of the ‘Master numbers,’ which are 11, 22, & 33 in Secret Societies.


There were numerous clues and cues in TV spots and online articles of all kinds; especially telltale photos, and cherry-picked words and phrases in news quotes. These appear to have been planned out well in advance; then finally brought to pass. It’s all about Predictive Programming, often tied to religious themes. Each one of her picture poses has some unusual aspect to it, making them seem more than just random shots.

For instance, this pic below was taken on 7.16.21 in Zion National Park. ‘ZION’ itself is a clue. The theme of the shirt she’s wearing speaks symbolic volumes, and is cause for much concern. It depicts what could be taken to be the proverbial Biblical ‘Scapegoat’ on it. Further, the shirt has the familiar name “Zion” on the front; the term for the Holy Mountain of God. The worrisome part is that the scapegoat or ram; as everyone knows, was ritually loaded or burdened with the “sins of the people” and then driven away into the wilderness to die of thirst and starvation.

Let’s pray that this was not Gabby’s fate. Her family was even quoted as saying they believed Brian “left Gabby in the wilderness with grizzly bears and wolves.” – Source, Instagram, @gabspetito.

From @gabspetito Instagram; (:Fair-Usage:)

The imagery is pretty clear: Scapegoat or Ram, ZION, and Outdoor (i.e. “wilderness”).

From @gabspetito Instagram; (:Fair-Usage:)

Then there was the final pictures of her on Aug 26th (26 is a very important number in the Kabbalah), in front of the MK Ultra-designed ‘Monarch in Moda’ mural at The Monarch in Ogden, Utah. This is obviously a nod to tell us that Gabby has been under MK Ultra Mind Kontrol programming for some time. Yes skeptics; some conspiracies are very true.

The “Monarch in Moda” Memorial Ogden, UT
From @gabspetito Instagram; (:Fair-Usage:)

Further, ‘OG’ in the town’s name was used (in this case) as a metaphor for the Biblical ‘Og,’ King of Bashan. He was one of the race of giants that warred against Israel in OT times. By bringing Gabby there, they were literally telling us that she was in the equivalent of Og’s den! These people love to make metaphors and puns, playing on words as often as possible.

It’s apparent from the Moab Police video* that Gabrielle had no conscious part in some sort of false flag event. Those tears were much too real. Only, it seems her subconscious did. It was trying to warn her of danger. That was why all the reported fighting and arguing between them as witnessed by several people in a restaurant earlier that day. She knew something was up with Brian, it seems. Most likely, that still small voice in her head was telling her to get the hell away from him. (Note on 1.22.22- a certain rumor has been started by the Media, that it was Brian who was suffering from “battered male syndrome.” I will look into that and check the dates, names of the ones who started it, etc. I personally don’t buy it for a second).


*Update 10.16.21- The length of the Moab Police video was exactly 117 minutes, 38 seconds in length. 117 denotes the Divine/Sacred Feminine aspect; and 38 of course is one of the most popular numbers relating to death and murder. (Thanks to Rambo at Gematria Effect News for all his work on the Sacred Feminine).

As far as the logistics of her possibly being taken (as in Brian possibly passing her off to another party we know nothing about); well, there are many different possible scenarios, and we could spend days speculating about them. It is my contention that he did not work alone though, if I am right about all this symbology and esoteric encoding.

Measuring between dates of key events.

One of the first clues is the date 8.12.21, (when she and Brian were pulled over by the Moab police) as compared with 8.21.21 (when she spoke on FaceTime to her Dad for the last time). 12 and 21 mirror one another. Those doing occult (hidden) rituals do everything superstitiously, yet very accurately and with deep meaning; so this 12/21 flip is important and intentional.

‘Total Solar Eclipse’ = 1212 in English Sumerian; mush like that which happened to Gabby- her life being eclipsed- totally.

*Update 10.16.21- The body of missing Idaho hiker Tatum Morell was found near Spirit Mountain in the Beartooths on 8.12.21. She was last reported by some other hikers on Spirit, who saw her on 7.2.21. Weird thing is, July 2nd is the same day that Brian and Gabby left Long Island for their adventure. ‘Tatum’ (5 letters) ‘Morell’ (6 letters) matches ‘Gabby’ (5) ‘Petito’ (6), or 5 and 6, which is like 56. Of course, ‘All Seeing Eye,’ ‘Society of Jesus’ and ‘Tree of Life’ all equal 56.

In the 12th and 21st we see the Total Solar Eclipse digits above, only slightly rearranged. Keep that in mind as we proceed, because many disappearances of people happen in specific time periods before and after eclipses; including Lunar eclipses.

One can imagine a confused and frustrated Gabby getting tired of Brian controlling her every movement- when she contacts her family, what days she sends pictures from which locale. If so, that would explain the sporadic dates of her Instagram postings, and much of their arguing. This smacks of M.K.Ultra-styled, trauma based mind control.

Gabrielle’s age of 22 is key here as to her being the choice for this, as the age of the victim is also crucial for many ceremonial rituals. 22 is one of three ‘Master Numbers‘ (11 & 33 being the other two) and are revered in secret societies, and have been for thousands of years.

The Autumnal Equinox is on 9.22.21 this year, giving us another 22. The Equinoxes are prime time for two types of Pagan and/or Secret Society celebrations and offerings.

It is worthwhile to note that the mysterious Moab, Utah ‘monolith’ was discovered just 50 miles from the city’s center. This is the town where Gabby and Brian had their altercation, and talked with police. Wiki says the object appeared sometime between 7.7.16 & 10.21.16. Per the Wiki article: “On November 18, 2020, state biologists of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources were in southeastern Utah carrying out a survey of bighorn sheep from a helicopter when one of the biologists spotted the pillar…”

A survey of “bighorn sheep?” Like the one on Gabby’s shirt? How about a great location to host a very important “offering?” This is a bit thin perhaps, but not totally impossible, knowing how the Elite love their predictive programming.

The date 11.18 is shown as 18.11 in most countries; in that number we see 811, the number to call before you dig (in the U.S., in order to avoid utility lines, pipes, etc. ‘buried’ underground). 811 is preceded by a 1, giving it more emphasis.

And another number appears in the first date- 7.7 or 77, which is the ‘Number of the Wizard,’ as in wizardy, sorcery, magick, etc. These dates were chosen to encode the monolith specifically; and were not random.

Finally, 7.7 to 10.21 was 3 mos, 14 days, or Pi…

This is one of the primary locations they should be searching for Gabby, as well as posting monitors around the spot 24/7 from 9.21.21 thru 9.23.21.


8/12/21 to 12/4/21 (the next TSE) is 3 mos, 22 days, or 322. As most know, 322 is the Number of Skull & Bones Society. You know. The secret group that former news anchor and reporter Tim Russert pressed George W. Bush about on “Meet the Press.” Russert died 126 days later of a heart attack, on 6/13/21; a day leaving 201 days in the year. With 201 being the most favored number of the Jesuit Order, that seems strange. Just saying.

More Number parallels.

From Gabby’s last birthday on 3.19.21 until the TSE on 12.4.21 is 260 days, or 26 in Gematria calculations. 26 is very important to the practitioners of the Mystic Arts, as 26 is the number for not only ‘God,’ but ‘Sun God,’ ‘Apollo,’ and many other gods’ names equal 26. The list of 26’s in the “hidden language” goes on extensively. Once again, we see in the dates above a connection to Gabby that is unmistakable.

From 3.19.21 to 8.12.21, the date they were pulled over by police, we see 26 again; as that was 20 weeks and 6 days. Drop the zero for Gematria and you have 26.

From 3.19.21 to 8.21.21 we have exactly 22 weeks- Gabby’s age (!) and the second ‘Master Number.’

Now we look at her name, and variations including her first & last, etc. Right away, relevant numbers start popping off of the page. Duplicate number matches add to the proof of connections. We see not one but four 19’s, like her birthdate of 3.19.

Also, 26 repeats four times. This number is important to occultists because it represents the number of letters in the English alphabet; it signifies duality, as it is half the number of weeks on the year; mankind was created in the 26th verse of Genesis…on and on it goes.

9 was mentioned earlier, like 8.21 minus 8.12. Number 17 represents the Sacred or Divine Feminine aspect. In tradition, it is considered the Number of Mary, Mother of the Lord. For those in the ‘Order of the Hand,’ 17 can represent Mary Magdala as well. Amazing correlations here.


Brian Laundrie returned home to FL on Sep 1st, or 9/1. This is like 91, seen in two ciphers below. Also, number 44 appears four times, a quadruple hit.

44 is a bit concerning, as in Gematria it often signifies the Military and Police; but there are also many words equaling 44 that lean towards the paranormal, such as with evil spirits, cryptids, portals, etc.

‘Offering’ = 55 in the same two ciphers above. That is not good, and they need to find her before 9/22/21 if at all possible.

Seeing the Military-related code number 44 may mean some high ranking government officers are involved in planning, or at least knowing about this. If you prefer to say ‘Deep State’ actors, that’s fine. There have been many occultists in our government over the years, and particularly the Military. For proof I submit to you the late and wicked Michael Aquino, leader of the ‘Temple of Set;’ basically a high priest of Lucifer or haSatan. He can easily be found in Google searches for verification.

In what many would say is just a crazy coincidence; but it most certainly is not, Michael Aquino went to his (very dubious) reward on 9.1.19. Two years later, on 9.1.21, Brian returned home.

Final decodes for this post.

The couple left NY on 7.2.21 to begin their journey. From Gabby’s last birthday until their departure date was 3 mos, 13 days (see below). This seems intentional, as “Threescore Six Hundred and Six” = 313 in the English Ordinal cipher. The Number of the Beast, no lessanother religious reference, and more to be concerned about.

News quotes are very important. In one article, a specific part of an officer’s statement that the couple were “engaged in some sort of altercation,’ also = 313 in Latin Ordinal. The quotes like this in the various articles are so numerous, you will just have to take this writer’s word for it, or this post will be immense.

From Aquino’s death on 9.1.19 to 8.12.21, when they were stopped by police, was 1 yr, 11 mos, and 11 days. Folks, this is a deep one. Very rarely do we see a 5-point calculation such as this. Five 1’s are reminiscent of the 5-pointed star, or Pentagram. It is also a powerful repdigit.

To the middle-right we see that this was 101 weeks, 4 days. 101 is the number of the ‘torture room’ in Orwell’s 1984. The number denotes imprisonment, again, a very bad sign for this sweet young woman. Dropping the zero in 101, we have another 11.


Where else?

Finally, so this doesn’t grow way too long, the ‘where’ is also very important. This writer decided to do a test of locations, checking out distances from one point to another to see if anything popped out. They sure did! But we may have to pick that up in the next post.

Thank you for reading this, and please keep Gabby and her family in your thoughts and prayers. They are right in the middle of this but unaware that a powerful Cabal is most likely behind it all.

This blog post is not saying it has reached any definite conclusions, other than this has the appearance of an elaborate occulted ritual or ceremony, with a lot of paid and maybe some unpaid characters involved. It’s simply an attempt to help folks in some small way, to see through the haze of lies and staged situations being fed to the people and the Petito family.

If I were to guess, I think she is being held in Moab; or possibly Salt Lake City, by some very bad people.

The Devil, as they say, is always in the details…


Other than the items in quotations, all the commentaries and decodes contained in this post are solely those of this writer. Many of the code number/word associations are commonly held, understood and applied to various words and phrases by the general Gematria community.

Special thanks to Zachary K. Hubbard, who can be found at, and on YT. His books carry a wealth of learning about these encrypted numbers. Link is here: (Many of the numbers in this blog are also in Zach’s books, but are common knowledge across the Gematria community. They show up again and again in news stories, so can’t help but be repeated).

Also, thanks to Derek Tikkuri and his website and blog. Derek has a YT channel as well, and Like Each, yet with his own unique approach, he is master decoder as well: (Derek is the best one to got to for eclipse rituals. Credit to him for the TSE = 1212 code).

All images are public domain as far as this writer knows. In this post, all were obtained from the following site:

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