Gabby Petito’s Dad Joe: “It’s like drowning with you hands tied behind you…”

10.16.21- A second, larger update section can be found about 2/3 of the way down. In it we look into a couple news quotes that came out recently about Gabby’s reported cause of death.

For the many who are unfamiliar with the ancient practice of Kabbalistic Gematria, letters are also numbers. Over the centuries, various ciphers were created as a means of subtle communication between those in the know. Depending on what letters and words one uses in a sentence or paragraph, you can force certain numeric outcomes. These in turn have special meanings, and there are thousands of applications.

In the terrible case of the murder of Gabby Petito, there is just no way this Gematria decoder can simply “Let It Be,” as suggested by the tattoo on her right forearm. How ironic that pic was! This was such an unnecessary, evil act…and it is worsened by the fact that Brian is still on the run. And most likely, that some of the higher-ups in the Alphabets and Police/Sheriff’s Departments know exactly where he is and where he has been, but they are letting this whole Brian-hunt drag on for occulted timing reasons. Yes, I went there.

*Update on 9.26.21- I fail to understand how the police and Federal agencies do not know this man’s every movement. They have access to the Metadata on millions of people. His whereabouts can easily be traced through any of a dozen different ways. They can even monitor the conversations of every person he might flee to for help. It’s not necessary to get warrants for each of these- the A.I. can listen out for Brian’s voice print. Yes, folks, they can do all of that quite easily. Something seems off, here.

So now, we focus on something said by her Dad- Joe Petito, in a recent interview.

Sometimes; especially during times of extreme duress and anxiety, we may make spontaneous ‘psychic’ or intuitive predictions or announcements. During the news interview with Joe Petito a few days back, before they had found Gabby’s body, he made this statement which made me stop, rewind, and listen again. It seemed like a prophetic utterance.

When placed into the Gematria calculator, “it’s like drowning with your hands tied behind you” came up with some very interesting number matches.

In Full Reduction, the number 218 appears. “Death’ = 218 in English Extended. In Jewish Reduction, we see Gabby’s age of 22, (220 less the zero). We also see 22 in 227 & 223. Number 223 is the mirror of 322 (Skull & Bones Society), as well as the Gematria of “Synagogue of Satan” (going back to the sacrifice/ritual encodings discussed in previous posts).

As far as 227; when you divide 22 by 7 it equals Pi- 3.14. Thus, we have come full circle.

Some of the news articles placed Joe’s first two words in [ ] to separate them from his full comment; yet he did say “It’s like.” This writer heard the interview when it first aired. When the Media isolates certain words in quotes, it’s often for a specific reason beyond good punctuation. Its frequently done to encode the statement into a message for those who have “eyes to see.”

Here is the decode of Joe’s words without “It’s like”:

We see 430 (or 43 in Gematria) twice here. “Plan’ = 43, as does “Killing” in Reverse Reduction.

“Florida” equals 43…

Further, “Ford” = 43 in English Ordinal, like the van they drove to her place of death. “Killing” and “Masonic” both = 43 in the Reverse Reduction cipher.

“Civil War” ironically also = 43! The two were said to have been seen fighting several times, by witnesses.

On a darker note, 187, seen above twice as well, is the Police homicide code number throughout the state of California. 187 appears frequently in many decodes of murder and sacrifice cases.

Is it any wonder then, that “Ford Transit” (their van) should equal 43 twice? 93 is also encoded, the favorite of Aleister Crowley and his Thelema. Occult Luciferian, in other words. 119 is the reflection of 911, the emergency call code and the date her parents reported her missing. And 38, as explained in previous posts, is another code for “murder.” Oh, and the words “homicide code” also = 93!

A recent news reporter broadcast recently from the very spot her body was found, at Spread Creek Campground. She stated that the “creek is hard to cross in places” as it has some pockets of “very deep” water.

Based on Joe’s spontaneous pronouncement, and the fact that we are currently in the time of frequent water sacrifice rituals, this decoder is going to go out on a limb. In a rare sort of ‘prediction;’ based on evidence from the number decodes, the location she was found in and words spoken by her Dad and others, I’m going to guess she was drowned, and not bludgeoned or shot.

Also, there is the Instagram pic of her laying in the rusty old bathtub, somewhere in a national park, weeks earlier. That was a clue perhaps, give all the celebrity bath tub “sucides” over the past couple decades.

I’m going to stick my neck out even further and say that I think they will announce her “exact cause of death” tomorrow, 9.23.21, because it will be the 23rd, and no other reason. These things must be done following protocol for occulted practitioners. Or, if they say that can’t determine the cause at all, because of too much damage to her body perhaps, from animals, etc. Either way, the cause should come out tomorrow, is my guess.

No, not referring to the Coroner here; he doesn’t call these shots, and neither does Law Enforcement. Timing of the announcement would come from those in control, at the top. The Cabal know how to pass down orders, and no one questions. That may also be true in Gabby’s case, if this decoder’s theories have been correct so far.

*********** Update **********

*Update 10.16.21: On Tues, 10.12.21, the Coroner rules death as “manual strangulation/throttling.” The date of his announcement is first like 112- the number of countries in which the Jesuit Order operates (first off). And once again, we see the overly-coincidental 12/21 flip or mirror numbers spoken of many times in my previous posts on this topic. Further, “manual strangulation/throttling” = 113 in Jewish (also know as Latin) Reduction. 113, the number for lying and deception/falsehood. Obviously, this decoder can’t prove it, but I wonder if he did this to her in Spread Creek, since she was found right next to its banks.

The ABC news reports said it was most likely a “lesser-known sign” of something called “intimate partner violence.” We can see below three very important numbers; each of them doubly-encoded in that phrase. 115 is a very commonly used one, first and foremost denoting Lucifer, which equals 115 in Reverse Ordinal, as well as 38 in four different ciphers.

Number 137 is the 33rd Prime just for starters, and has so many related codes that they cannot be listed here. Check out Zachary Hubbard’s “Letters & Numbers” for a long list of hidden meanings in that number. Finally, we have 218 twice as well- that being one of the most used murder codes. There were more than even these, highly significant, but these posts can only be so long. (End of this update).


“Let it Be” is tattooed on her right forearm, in that picture. That one grabbed this writer’s attention, and has been bothering me ever since. “Let it Be” = 227 in the Cipher known as ‘Primes.” As in prime of life?

Yes, as in ‘Circle of Life;’ or 22 div by 7= Pi. We have indeed come full circle once more.

It’s only fitting to take a moment and think about the John Lennon song that Gabby had so ironically tattooed onto her arm:

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me...
And in my hour of darkness

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be…

And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted

Let it be, let it be
Let it be, yeah, let it be

Oh, there will be an answer, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

There are many, many people out there who cannot “Let it Be,” for your sake, Gabrielle Petito.

Thank you for stopping by, folks.

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