Gabby & Brian’s trip- a first look at the esoteric clues seen in the geography of their travels. Distances, angles, etc. show a very planned itinerary beyond the ordinary.

*Updated on 10.16.21 with some new maps below, and more comments/decodes throughout.

On this site, with regards to Gabrielle (as well as many other topics), we are not relying solely on the latest news bytes from the authorities, or the usual material forensic evidences. There are plenty of news sites and ‘true crime’ blogs and YT channels for all of that, and this poster utilizes those as well. This is more about what we might call the forensics of ideology; specifically, those with a metaphysical and/or religious bent.

It appears from the pictures on Instagram, and comments Gabby made, that Brian had a growing fascination with dark occult stories and practices. He seemed fascinated with the Zodiac Killer, and was also reading the book “Lullaby,” which is the bizarre story about a man who becomes an “unwilling serial killer” through the careless utterance of a spell he reads in a book. Brian’s artwork speaks volumes to his fascination with the dark side of human personality. But was this really “him,” or a script he was following, and all the pics of their trail were simply esoteric clues?

We know from past history that some killers; and especially serial killers, love to leave little clues everywhere- subtle bread crumbs as hints, leading police back the perpetrator. It’s their way of taunting those seeking them- perhaps testing the IQ (and patience) of the detectives. The “aren’t I real smart” syndrome.

This time, we will look at the geography they traversed, especially GPS coordinates and distances traveled. The specific routes and destinations the couple took are potentially loaded with meaning. To clarify- loaded intentionally, as in planned out far in advance of their leaving home. That would be distances between key points, degrees of heading between waypoints, and dates of arrivals and departures are all important; all these steps need to be retraced and examined for clues.

I am speaking esoterically here; not about where they wanted to eat dinner on day x. Things needing to line up with astrological and numerological factors.

First up, notice the amazingly straight line from Gabby’s home in Blue Point, NY on Long Island, all the way to Salt Lake City, UT. The stop here is important, because it marked the last time Gabby’s spoke to her Dad Joe, on 8.21.21. I put this in the website, or “Measure Distances,” my jaw almost hit the floor. Exactly what was suspected; a line exactly due west from her home to downtown SLC:

In the date 8.21.21, we see the reverse of 1212. ‘Total Solar Eclipse’ = 1212, and as noted in the previous blog post, the 12.4.21 TSE coming up plays into the mysteries here. Gabby’s life would be ‘blacked out’ on this trip, much like a total eclipse of the sun.

In Salt Lake City, the GPS coordinates matched precisely up and down within a few feet. This author even zoomed in very close, placing the first pointer directly on the roof of Gabby’s Long Island home, at 75 Ocean Ave. On the western end of the line (map above and closeup below), we see that the pointer is directly in the middle of the intersection of Main Street and 1300 Street South (as seen in the coordinates 40.754 and 40.760 above). Less the zero’s, we also see one of the most favored numbers of the Masons/Illuminati, 47.

The is within just a few feet of being 100% (precisely) due west of her home, at a distance of 2,016 miles! This is like 216 in Gematria. Reminiscent of the ‘Number of the Beast,’ 216 is the product of 6x6x6. We are talking a few feet of difference north and south here.

1300 Street is very significant, as it is a nod to 13, the number relating to the Moon and the Scared Circle.

These and many other ‘coincidences’ appear to be anything but.

It’s quite possible that the reason the two began fighting so much, and why pictures were posted only on certain, very occulted dates (as I talk about below in the previous posts), is because Brian must have been controlling their every move, in order to be at this place at ‘x’ time, and she had to wear this shirt on that day, etc. A witness to one of their fights said Gabby complained that he was being very “controlling.” Case established.

Next, we see the Bearing in Degrees from 75 Ocean Avenue to the intersection of Main St. and 1700 S Downtown SLC UT is 77.022. In that of course we see Gabby’s age, and the very important number 77, the “Number of the Wizard,” or magick. Not the warm fuzzy ones- the Dark Sorcerers; ones more like you see in LOTR.

77 is is also the Gematria of ‘United States’ in RR; as is ‘American Meridian.’ Finally, even more crazy is the fact that Washington D.C. was built on the 77th Meridian. These are not random connections- the same people are behind all these numeric synchs.

Next up, George Orwell. 1984.

In Orwell’s 1984, his novel focused on the futuristic city of “Oceania.” The Dystopian novel of course being about the New World Order. In this next pic, note that Gabby’s house in Blue Point, NY is on Ocean Ave, sounding similar to “Oceania.” Also strange yet fitting, is that Gabby lived only 0.7 miles away from a company called “New World Builders” (under the red pointer, left). That is of course much like ‘New World Order.’

In Gematria (the ciphers used by the “Builders;” the Masons and other secret groups), “New World Order” = 75 in Reverse Ordinal. The Illuminati motto, “Order out of Chaos,” = 75. And in Reverse Ordinal, ‘Order’ = 75.

George Orwell was a member of the Fabian Society, a branch of the Freemasons. -Zach Hubbard, “Letters & Numbers,” Pg.160.

7 (like in 0.7) is known as the ‘number of divine completion,” as God (Yahuah) rested on the 7th Day after He made all of the Creation.

The distance from 4343 Wabasso Drive (the Laundrie home) in North Port, FL to Gabby’s house in North Port, FL is exactly 1,080 miles, reminding us of what was the most used pixilation resolution size on most computer monitors and TV’s. Maybe they wanted us to clearly ‘see’ their point with that distance/number?

If you measure the entire route from Blue Point, NY to SLC to North Point, FL then back up to Gabby’s house in Blue Point, it is 5,030 miles exactly. I mean from housetop to housetop, which this author did. That is 53 in Gematria, because you drop the zero’s in final calculations.

‘Religion’ = 53. ‘Vesica Piscis,’ ‘Womb,’ and most unusual in all this, ‘Covid 19’ = 53. ‘Womb’ is very interesting here, as it denotes the place of conception and growth of something- a beginning, in other words.

Crazy as it sounds, it looks very likely that the people behind Gabby’s death also carefully planned the couple’s journey in the geography around them and their upcoming trip, which started on 7.2.21. Or, maybe Brian did this all on his own.

More evidence coming in the next post. Thanks for stopping by…be safe out there folks.

The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author, and do not reflect those of any other persons or parties unless other wise stated. All pictures were obtained from website, and were used per CC Commons License, and under :Fair-market-Usage: rules.

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