Gabby Decodes continued; Brian’s subtly encoded Instagram pictures

For the many who are unfamiliar with the ancient practice of Kabbalistic Gematria, letters are also numbers. Over the centuries, various ciphers were created as a means of subtle communication between those in the know. Depending on what letters and words one uses in a sentence or paragraph, you can force certain numeric outcomes. These in turn have special meanings, and there are thousands of applications.

*Updated on 10.10.21, 10.16.21, and again on 10.26.21 in order to make a few new points.

Since starting my research on 9.11.21 (of all dates to report her missing, so odd) until today, I’ve completed five breakdowns on Gabby’s disappearance and subsequent death. The conclusion for me is that there is much more to all this than is being seen (or rather being shown to us) on the surface. It is still quite possible that she was in actuality an MK Ultra (Monarch) ‘Butterfly’- styled pawn, in the context of a much larger and still ongoing Elitist ritual.

In this writer’s opinion, we are being misdirected constantly by the Media and the FBI, police, etc. They are scrambling now to put out all kinds of confusing information in order to hide the truth. They did the same thing in 1947, when the Black Dahlia investigation (so-called) was going on, seemingly forever. It is still called “unsolved,” which is a blatant lie.

One thing is certain- in this age of extremely high tech, the “authorities” (at least some in the highest ranks) knew and know everywhere he and Gabby have been. They know where Brian is now. They have tech that can find and track anyone via AI/satellite, monitoring a person’s movements 24/7. The media and Law Enforcement are acting like this is 1950. Further, there is a highly alert citizen’s police force out there as well, numbering in the tens of millions. That’s right. On the local level, it is highly hush-hush; known as “Citizens on Patrol With Surveillance.” You can rest assured, that they have him in their sights 24/7.

Brian will be ‘found’ of course, But it will only be on an already pre-arranged timetable. They also have to make this look good, as they say.

********** Update 10.16.21 ***********

Brian seen here on 3.19.21; Gabby’s birthday. He’s relaxing next to a babbling brook and holding half an apple, apparently one he’d just cut in two for this pose. Yes, it looks very posed. We also see the half-exposed title of the ubiquitous book; “Lullaby,” about a reluctant serial killer. It appeared in several social media pictures they posted.

There are at least two foreshadowings of her murder here- “Lullaby” peeking out as a hint; and the stream itself, which is reminiscent of Spread Creek. The halved apple itself seems symbolic of their parting of ways later on. Apples of course, representing Gnosis or knowledge.

From @gabspetito Instagram; (:Fair-Usage:)

Per Wikipedia, this explanation of the book’s plot mirrors what happened with Brian and Gabby quite closely:

During his investigations into other SIDS cases, he finds that a copy of the book was at the scene of each death. In every case, the book was open to a page that contained the culling song. As Carl learns, the rhyme has the power to kill anyone it is spoken to. Because of the stress of Carl’s life, the deadly rhyme becomes unusually powerful, allowing him to kill by only thinking the poem. Carl unintentionally memorizes the rhyme and semi-voluntarily becomes a serial killer who makes people die over minor annoyances.

The main character; Carl, goes through a complete mental change. This is a strong hint at what may have happened to Brian’s mind in like manner. But this all feels highly scripted- meaning, Brian and Gabby’s entire trip.

So, the character in Lullaby “…makes people die over minor annoyances?” It’s very obvious that this is what the Powers that be are trying to imply about Brian. This helps put all the reports of he and Gabby bickering and even fighting over “little annoyances” into perspective. Brian blowing up at the wait staff in Moab, for instance. A little annoyance over the food that was served, or the service.

So now one wonders if ‘Lullaby’ may have been left near Gabby’s side after he (allegedly) killed her. The Powers haven’t said if the book was there; but their whole trip seems scripted from start to finish, so it is highly possible it was.

“Lullaby” was first published on 9.17.2002. In 2002, less the zero’s, we see 22, Gabby’s age yet again (as we have seen in previous posts). Per Wiki, “It won the 2003 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award. Yes folks, 2003… less the zero’s, like Brian’s age of 23 yet again.

One more synch, again from Wiki: “On September 17, the Grand County Sheriff reported that a recent double homicide that also took place in Moab was determined to have been unrelated to Petito’s disappearance.” This was exactly 19 years to the day from the book’s publication! Like all the other 19’s found in this and my previous decodes, it’s highly suspicious, no doubt. Gabby’s birthday being foremost among them- 3.19. Too many coincidences for this writer’s liking.

One last thing- 19 is the mirror of 91. Brian returned home to FL on 9.1, or 91. This number 19 and its reflection are seen constantly throughout.


This is a world run by secrecy, which is virtually synonymous with ‘occult,’ or hidden. As JFK warned us would happen in his now famous speech about the dangers of Secret Societies and their hidden agendas; it is not only possible to pull off, it is quite easy for them to do so.

‘They’ go by many different names and designations; among them ‘M’ or the Hidden Hand, as alluded to in the picture below. No, not the Club itself; that is a distraction. The Magician’s right hand is the obvious one; the subtle meanings beneath the surface comprise the left Hand at work. The ‘M’ and its placement in this shot offers a vital clue. It stands for so many things- Monarch Mind Kontrol; MI5 & MI6; also the ‘Order of the Hand,’ which is a real secret society using the hand as its symbol. The Hand goes all the way back to Mary Magdalene, as we shall se further below.

The fact that she posed there, in front of the Monarch Memorial is made to look like a totally natural thing, right? Not so fast. The symbology runs much deeper. Brian was telling us where this was all going, under the continual guidance of his handlers. The iron gate door hints at bars in a prison cell. The placement of the objects around Gabby in this photo is symbolically saying “Gabby is a prisoner of the Program.”

The answers have been under our noses the entire time, folks. Know what? They usually are. The harsh reality is, she is gone now. And that did not occur in a vacuum. It was planned out.

From @gabspetito on Instagram, dated 8.25.21. :Free-market-Usage:

Judging by Brian’s extremely bizarre actions since he came home, we are left with at least two possibilities. One, he is really a covert operative of the Illuminati; an actor in fact, cooperating with some deep state friends or handlers of his, possibly for money. Two, he is a mind-controlled operative whose alter (a submerged personality, lying dormant until activated) was triggered, and he killed Gabby. At some future point, his “front alter” or normal personality, would have re-emerged. But if this were so, he would have panicked, grieved, and soon lost his mind. No, something else was going on with him.

“Lullaby” was now Brian’s reality. He had killed the one he loved most. Or so it may eventually be revealed. This play seems far from over.

These concepts are mostly based on the (symbolic) picture evidence they put on Instagram. Remember that our leadership; both corporate and in government, has been caught doing human and social experimentation many times in the past. The ‘scientific research’ branches, like MK Ultra and DARPA, Tavistock, etc. have dabbled extensively in occult and human experimentation.

No doubt remains (in this writer’s mind) about Gabby’s totally unsuspecting role in it all. I doubt anyone thinks that her murder was anything but 100% real at this point. If she was acting from a false flag script in front of those cops in Moab, she is the best actress I’ve ever seen. But much underlying deception by Brian and some unseen helpers is evident here, most likely being done by others in control behind the scenes; again, only in this decoder’s opinion. A few others in the Gematria community have said as much.


(My original thoughts before Gabby’s body was found, left in here for the record): There is also little doubt in my mind that she was drowned in Spread Creek, as yet another in a long line of water-based ritual sacrifices for the Elites. That would be the Bohemian Grove-style Elites; the power brokers. These people are Luciferian through and through. Clues of this were left in her Instagram pics with Brian, especially of her in a bathtub as seen here. These shots are eerily reminiscent of quite a few recent celebrity drownings, all falsely attributed to suicide (Whitney Houston and her daughter are foremost on that list. Both drowned in bathtubs).

*Update on 10.16.21: Remember that pic of Brian at the top of this page…the WY coroner ruled the cause of death as “strangulation/throttling.” But because she was found right next to Spread Creek, it is not out of bounds to speculate that she was also strangled in that creek. Still thinking water-based sacrifice here.

From @gabspetito on Instagram, dated 7.26.21. :Free-market-Usage:

I would also wager that her body was found exactly as she posed here in late July; laying on her back, arms spread wide making the shape of the Cross. This is the kind of mockery that dark occultists do, both of the Divine in Heaven, and as a desecration of the ‘Divine or Scared Feminine’ aspect here on earth.

From @gabspetito on Instagram, dated 8.12.21. :Free-market-Usage:

Today, 10.2.21, I noticed this new ABC footage that was not released before. In the still shot before you play it, notice the pose Brian is making with his hands; that position (which some out there are certainly familiar with) is detailed more, further below.

It’s so hard to see her abused and crying like that; and worse, defending Brian as well. Can’t even imagine her family’s feelings when they were watching this:

Brian is possibly a Freemason, or just knows their symbolism/codes, judging by his repeated hand-clasping-wrist position at the back of the van. Arms mostly relaxed in front, left hand atop his right hand, gripping it slightly. “Hey guys, I’m one of you,” he seemed to be signaling to everyone who might see the video, who recognizes the gesture.


Together, ‘Brian/Gabrielle’ = 115 in Ordinal Gematria; 115 being that ubiquitous number mentioned in other posts. The one the Elites worship, Lucifer,’ = 115 in Reverse Eng. Ordinal (a cipher that is like back-masking, in principal). Finding this was like a Eureka moment.

Now it’s understandable why they love the number 115. Even the Dahlia’s body was ‘discovered’ on 1.15.47. The use of 115 goes back centuries, no doubt. 223 is the mirror of 322, the number of Skull & Bones.


(The following couple of paragraphs contain a bit of a rambling speculation from the original post. You can skip down to “Now for some Gematria decodes” if you like).

Quite possibly, this whole G/B ritual was originally meant to be the genesis of an attack on the 5th Amendment. “If only Brian hadn’t invoked his 5th Amendment right,” has been stated and debated quite a few times. Most press commentators act very defensive of the 5th, but the seed has been planted in the public’s mind nonetheless. Don’t be surprised if you hear of this coming up for debate in Congress before long.  

‘Gabby’ and ‘Brian’ both have 5 letters, like the 5th; and 5+5 =10, which reduces to 1. Why is the number 1 important? Because we also have a 1st Amendment.

“Gabby” (like gab, or talker of course) was forever silenced, and the 1st Amendment may soon be officially quieted along with her. Martial Law may be right on the heels of this murder; perhaps no later than Feb of next year. The timing is such that they may take advantage of the situation to take away a few more freedoms.

Or, it may end up being averted by enough folks catching on to their plans.


This is how real spell-casting actually functions. A written declaration of war, for example, is the genesis for thousands or even millions of future deaths. The power of the pen is in effect spell-casting. What was not, now is. Gabby may have been sacrificed on the altar of societal change.

If so, dark spiritual forces are also at work here. Killing someone in cold blood to feed evil spirits or entities someone’s loosh is extremely evil. Murder is done through the conscious actions of men and women. With offerings, the Devil is always in the scripted details. He works through contracts with proxies– slavish servers or servants. Like proxy servers on the internet- relaying services and information as needed. Metaphors abound.

We’ve known an attack on the 1st Amendment has been in the works for a long time, but I’m trying to illustrate how those “works” come about. The process, in other words. 

Now for some Gematria decodes:

First Amendment Right Revoked’ = 322 in ordinal. The number of Skull & Bones. ‘First Amendment Repealed’ = 223 in two ciphers. The mirror of 322 is 223. 

‘Gabby’ is short for Gabrielle, or the feminine for Gabriel, the “Angel of the Annunciation.” The proclaimer of good news. Right now, many of us are being censored in various degrees, but the 1st still stands as a ‘right.’ Cruelly ironic puns are being used here by these criminals…the trail is red hot with clues of their social manipulations. Even the never-ending charade of the “swamp search” for Brian- so ridiculous and unnecessary! A total waste of resources. A distraction. I’m still trying to figure out the historical, occulted connection/precedent to that operation, if any exists at all. 

As an example of press/media subtlety: note that the first “full” video released to the press by the Moab, UT Sheriffs’ Department was edited (by someone) to be exactly 117 minutes, 38 seconds long.

Number 117 is like 17 but enhanced, with regards to the Sacred Feminine aspect, (again, thank you Rambo at for the teachings on the Sacred Feminine).

‘Divine Feminine’ = 117; so does ‘Mary of Magdala.’ (Think Jesuits here). And 38 is a very commonly employed ‘murder number,’ a la ‘Murder by Numbers,” the Sandra Bullock book and movie poster, so often cited by Zachary K. Hubbard. The movie poster shows the 38 and 83 right in the wording. (Thanks to Rambo for the DF code find, and Zach Hubbard for the two murder code finds long ago, at

Jan Boeckhorst’s Mary Magdalene – Walters Art Museum

*Update 10.22.21- FBI announces that Brian’s remains were found, but they seem to have found only his skull as of that date. Behold more of the ‘M’ ritual coming to light. This announcement echos Mary Magdala above, the original ‘M’ and the inspiration for the Hidden Hand, or ‘Hand,’ for short.

Do you see where this is all going, folks? 

A much loved, almost ‘divine’ young woman was slain; possibly to facilitate bringing yet another blow to America’s already virus-battered consciousness. Thus all the unusually high coverage that you don’t normally see with missing persons.

One can easily see she was extremely bright and charismatic. America was once such as a whole- a country filled with free spirited people. We still are to a great extent, but the stressors have been greatly increasing lately.

There was and is still much more here than ‘meets the eye.’ It’s likely that something big will shake out in relation to Gabby’s case this Halloween. Why? Because the last picture we have from her in August shows her cupping a small knitted pumpkin (or an apple?) in her hands with the tag “Happy Halloween.” How weird was that? In August? Yeah- Trick or Treat. Definitely going with Trick in this case. On second look, that may be an apple, which would hearken back to the apple Brian had cut in half next to the stream. Foreshadowing complete, as if saying, “here is wisdom/Gnosis.”


Spiritual/Higher Dimensional Beings are watching, after all; both good and evil. And so are the flesh and blood servants of the Dark Ones. Oh yes, they are definitely watching, but so are we. And so is our Creator and true Master in Heaven- Yahshuah haMashiach…who is returning very soon. Seek Him while He may be found. Peace to you in Him, if by chance you seek and find Him.

Be well folks, take care and thank you for visiting this blog.


The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the writer, and do not reflect those of any other persons or parties unless other wise stated.

All pictures were obtained from website, and were used per CC Commons License, and under :Fair-market-Usage: rules.

Some of the more common ones are used by all in the community, although most of the credit for their original discovery years earlier goes to Zach, and his two books: “Letters & Numbers” & “Number Games- 911 to Coronavirus.”

His website is at:

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